AK Training Camp Director

Founder and President of AKsports Management
Certification (BE2) of basketball coaching by the French Federation of Basketball (FFBB)
University Paris XV (France); Associate Degree in Physical Education in 1992

FIBA, WNBA and FFBB agent certification (Basketball)

FIFA and FFF agent certification (Soccer)

More than 400 games played , 4300 points, 1100 rebounds , 1050 assists.
Professional basketball player in ProA (France), European league ACB (Spain), Lega A (Italy) for twenty years. Retired in 2009.
Three-time Prob Champion (1994,1999,2001)
National French Team A’ (1993,1994,1995)
Lead the Prob league for 3-pt field goals percentage in 1994
Bronze Medal at the world championship in Seoul in 1995
Fifth best scorer of proA in 1996
Italian cup finalist in 1996
French cup finalist in 1999
Name French proB player of the year in 1999.
Dual citizenship (Malian and French). Allowed for participation in the Africans Championship in Alger in 2004 with Mali.



> University of Georgia (Bulldogs) 1980-1984
> Final Four NCAA 1983
> Drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers (48th) in 1984
> Tampa Bay (FL), Albany (NY), Cincinnati (OH) CBA 1984-1987
> Brussels (Belgium) 1987-1989
> Berck (N1A) 1989-1990
> Nancy (N1B) 1990-1994
> Caen (Pro B) 1994-1995
> Évreux (Pro A) 1995-1998
> Champion of France Pro B 1994
> MVP Pro B 1994 and 1995
> Coach Athens Academy (USA) since 2006
Iconic player of SLUC Nancy from 1990 to 1994, James Banks will indeed be present at AK Training Camp 2021. James Banks with Nancy, it’s 2973 points, 556 rebounds, 453 assists, a record 53 points against Evreux on November 4, 1991 , a title of champion of Pro B and an MVP award in 1994, the rise in pro A !!! Fans have never forgotten the charisma of this exceptional scorer. You will benefit from the precious advice of the STAR of Nancy, who has become a trainer in the United States. He’s back …
Hi, I’m James Banks, former SLUC Nancy player. I played there for four years.I won the Pro B championship with Nancy. If the most exceptional moment of my playing career was the Final Four NCAA in New Mexico in 1983, I must admit that the moment when I remember having the most pleasure when I played at SLUC is the title of champion of Pro B in 1994 that we got in front of Strasbourg. I participate this year in Ahmadou Keita’s camp. Currently, I am a coach and basketball teacher at the Athens Academy in Georgia. I always wanted to be a coach, especially for young people. It’s at this age that you can have the biggest impact on their careers and lives. It’s fundamental in basketball! I come to AK Training Camp, to give you advice, meet young people and see people I haven’t seen in a long time. See you at the end of July in Nancy … See you soon!



  • Professional player from 1985 to 2006, passed by the university of VCU, Spartak Saint Petersburg, Udine, CSKA Moscow, Cibona Zagreb, Pallacanestro Varese, Anwil Wloclawek, Arsenal, Olympique Antibes
  • Member of the Russian National Team
  • Silver medal at the world championship in 1994 and 1998
  • Russian champion in 1995 and 1999
  • Euro All Star Game 1995 and 1997
  • Spartak St Petersburg coach in 2008

Jérôme KEITA

  • Professional player from 1984 to 2000, passed by Poissy, Chalons En Champagne, Berck, Tourcoing
  • He was still playing in National 3 to 47 years old
  • National Coach
  • Technical Supervisor of Moselle, Lorraine and the EST Zone.
  • 10th AK Training Camp

Terrence HARRIS

  • Professional American Basketball Player,
  • Coach at Pensacola High School from 2009 to 2019
  • Assistant coach at Pensacola State College from 2006 to 2009


  • Winner of the Ace Week in 2004 with the JDA Dijon
  • Winner of the Italian Cup in 2005
  • Selected at All-Star Game LNB 2003 and 2011
  • In 2003 Patch was drafted in fiftieth position by the Philadelphia 76ers
  • Coach of the training center and Assistant to the PROB team at the Hermine de Nantes since 2018
  • U17 French Cup finalist


  • 2017-2019: Assistant coach of the Varése Serie A team in Italy
  • 2019-2020: Head of training at the Varése academy

Dominique GUERET


  • Le Portel team coach from 2003-20004
  • Assistant coach ALM Evreux Prob from 2004-2006
  • Selection of Seychelles in 2011
  • Assistant coach of the Congo Selection in 2012
  • Current Garonne Coach (NM2)

Dominique ALLARD

  • Head of the Ile de France Pole from 1999 to 2017
  • In particular recruited and (or) trained Andrew ALBICY, Adrien MOERMAN, Jaiteh MOUHAMADOU (all French National Team), Evan FOURNIER (NBA, Orlando Magic)


  • Until 2008: National 1 and 2 player
  • In 2009: Coach U15 Elite France
  • Since 2019: Coach in Belgium and Luxembourg


  • Voiron trainer from 2013 to 2017
  • Winner of the Coupe de France
  • Central Sport Papeete (Tahiti) coach from 2017 to 2018
  • Meylan Tronche Assistant Coach from 2018-2019
  • French champion of NF1 2019
  • Assistant Coach of ESBVA (LFB)
  • Coach of the U18 team and technical manager for the Academy of Big size


Jean-Christophe LAMARGOT

  • Until 2002: National Football Player
  • 2003- 2017: Olympic distance triathlon
  • Since 2011: basketball, rugby, triathlon and spartam fitness trainer
  • 6th AK Training Camp

Pascal AKOA

  • 1999-2000: Elan Chalon Assistant Coach Espoir
  • 2001-2004: National Coach 3
  • 2006-2009: Coach U18 France
  • 2014-2019: Coach U18 and Nationale 3
  • 3rd AK Training Camp


  • Champion of France NF2: 2019: Limoges ABC
  • Champion of France Pro A (1st division): 2013: JSF Nanterre
  • Pro B French Champion (2nd division): 2004: Stade Clermontois basketball Auvergne
  • Champion of France NM1 (3rd division): 2002: Stade Clermontois basket Auvergne
  • Champion of France Espoirs: 1990: Racing club de France Bronze medal at the Euro espoir: 1992
  • Military World Bronze Medal: 1992
  • Bronze medal in Mediterranean games: 1991
  • 567 pro matches (PROA / PROB)
  • French National Team Espoirs / A ’/ A: 49 selections
  • 7th AK Training Camp



  • Coach since the age of 11
  • Coach U15 BFC Champion League Region 2018
  • 3rd AK Training Camp


  • Coach since 2016, works on all categories, from baby to senior.
  • Youth camp leader for 7 years.
  • Participate in the organization of 3X3 tournaments
  • 2nd AK Training Camp


Sophie AUGER

  • High-level OTM since 2009
  • OTM FIBA since 2017
  • 2 All Star Game (2016 and 2018)
  • 3 Leader’s cup (2016-2018-2019)
  • 3 French Cup finals
  • 4 Women’s Open (2015 to 2018)
  • Euroleague, Champions league and Eurocup
  • French National Team preparation match for men and women
  • 452 games High-level


  • Until 2008: Player National 2
  • NF3 Region Referee
  • Trainer and referee observer
  • Management of New Aquitaine competitions and championships
  • High-level OTM
  • 5th AK Training Camp


Valentin CORREIA

  • Physiotherapist
  • Professional Basketball Player from 2013 to 2018
  • Currently at the WOSB club





  • Press Relations manager of the FRENCH BASKETBALL FEDERATION 1985-1991
  • Chief Editor of the magazine MONDIAL BASKET 1991-2019
  • Ex-Arpajon player with Jérome and Ahmadou Keita and Dominique Allard.